April 2021 – if all else fails
We used the time in lockdown to revise and expand the almost out of print 2019 live album Elsewhere. Remastered, a new song list, a track replaced and a bonus studio track added. The whole thing comes as a heavy Picturecard Book with 25 cardboard pages in a small special edition.

An instrumental album in the field of tension between electronics, minimal, jazz, drone, Canterbury. Music from the foggy Lower Rhine plain.

An interplay of ambient jazz, which remains a vital cornerstone of their approach, and new influences (Terry Riley, Emeralds, Editions Mego, Kranks, Stars Of The Lid, Fripp/Eno, Canterbury) fuel the creation of a sound which is mature, protean and at peace with itself. Hypnotic, dark and forcefully bone-dry drones, elegant loops, minimal sound layers and free-form riffs clash with radically structured passages, heavy soundscapes and driving percussions, creating jagged panoramas of sound while orchestrating all disparate parts together to form a pyrothechnic melange.